If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Salzburg

Passing through the Alps on the way to Salzburg

Today was mostly a travel day for us. After only one day in Zurich, it was time to move on, so we boarded a Railjet train for Salzburg. The trip took more than five hours, but it was beautiful. One minute we’d be passing farms with green fields and the next we’d be in the mountains with several inches of snow. The whole trip made me think of Heidi. I actually enjoy train travel (usually) and I spent most of the trip listening to an audio book while I looked out the window at the spectacular scenery.

When we arrived in Salzburg, we checked in at our hotel, did some laundry, and went to dinner. We walked around a bit and then went back to the hotel, so there’s not much to report. We’re just resting and conserving our energy for the two tours in Salzburg we’ve booked for tomorrow.

While you’re waiting for our adventures to continue, you may want to check out this page where I’ve collected some things we’ve seen that interested and/or amused us, but that I didn’t mention in a post. Maybe they will interest and/or amuse you too.